About Us

Who we are

We are a horse lover and a city boy on a mission to bring sparkle and fun to the horse world. The Glamorous Cowgirl was founded when all our co-owner wanted was a pair of glittery, purple sport boots to rodeo in. After 3 years of fruitlessly searching, she set out to make her own. Her boots were so successful, we wanted to make the option easily accessible to all riders regardless of the boots they use. So The Glamorous Cowgirl and Decor Straps were born. Thanks to your support we have expanded to include other coordinating accessories and custom Iconoclast sport boots.

Anastasia is a full time analytical chemist in the cosmetics industry. She brings her scientific background to all aspects of the product design and testing process. She ensures that all our products have a sound, scientific basis as to why they work and how they will withstand repeated use. She is always looking to improve the science behind the interaction with the materials we use and the abuse they are expected to endure. On the weekends, she loves to run barrels and go trail riding with her horse, Granite. After a few years off due to school, she is working on getting back into running at jackpots and barrel series with the occasional rodeo. She is responsible for new product innovation and design while also handling all sales and custom orders.

Brad is a full time mechanical engineer in the defense industry. He brings his knowledge of business and lifelong dream of being an entrepreneur to The Glamorous Cowgirl. He ensures that the business runs smoothly, helps test out new product ideas, and engineers our production process to be more efficient. While he doesn't have a background in horses, he is jumping feet first into the world of western riding and rodeo as a beginner roper. He handles all the nuts and bolts of running the business with the occasional design idea and new product aspiration thrown in.

We mostly produce all orders placed on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We try to ship out every Monday and Friday. We are a small, two person business doing our best to deliver you with high quality products while still maintaining a work/life/horse balance. All items are made to order, so please expect a minute 2 -3 week processing period while your order is fulfilled. If for any reason we cannot process your order within 6 weeks, we will contact you to let you know.

Why Iconoclast?

With their patented double sling for extra support, slimmer full coverage fit, and super sticky velcro, Iconoclasts are our choice for sport boots when it comes to our personal horses. We feel as though they provide superior performance and fit as compared to other boots on the market.