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Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment

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Is your equine partner starting to show the strain of your demanding hauling schedule? Give them the additional support they need with Sore No-More's Performance Ultra Liniment. Brush it on before and after every ride to help heal sore musles and prevent new ones from happening.

Made of a blend of herbs, peppermint, and arnica, it is fantastic way to help cool your horse, prevent bruising, and relieve sore muscles. It doesn't need diluting and can be easily applied using a sponge or  rag. As a bonus it is even safe to use under magnets and works perfectly in conjunction with BeneFab therapy products.

The difference between Performance Liniment and Performance Ultra Liniment is Sore No-More Performance Ultra is a clinical strength liniment that has a higher concentrated blend of ingredients to render it more potent and has research of proven benefits of use.

This listing is for the 8oz sizing of Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment. Larger sizing is available upon request. Please email for inquiries.

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